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The importance of nucleotides for human nutrition according to Dr Peter Koeppel, PhD

Dr Peter Köppel, expert on nucleotides for human nutrition, discusses the importance of these micro nutrients in our everyday biochemical functions and health. Dr Köppel is considered as one of the world’s foremost experts on nucleotides for preventative health.  

"Nucleotides provide a totally unique way of resolving gut issues- by helping the gut to function normally. Indeed, by addressing shortages, they ensure that the gut can be repaired properly, and that the gut lining can remain healthy. Nucleotides have been shown to work synergistically with other natural products, like probiotics or prebiotics, and do not interfere with medication."

'Connecting the dots' in mitochondrial dysfunction & cellular health

Naturopath and international speaker Elizma Lambert (aka "The OAT Whisperer") talks about testing for mitochondrial dysfunction, the importance of "connecting the dots" in chronic disease, the GAPS diet, and why dietary nucleotides are essential in gut repair.