Our nucleotides FSMP are now available at select pharmacies in VIC and WA. If you are a health practitioner, dietitian, pharmacist, contact us for a practitioner or trade account. Click here for FAQs.


Nucleotide foods for special medical purposes

Nutri-tide®️NT and nnnSport®️X-Cell are extracted from food sources.

These products contains nucleotides and added nutrients to support:

        1) Energy production

        2) Methylation pathways

        3) Membrane integrity, and

        4) Cell signalling

These are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, Kosher and Halal diets.

Purified and quality tested to be gluten, yeasts and lactose free.


Benefit of nucleotides for our body

The human body constantly needs new cells for its repair.

While the body can produce nucleotides from its own "factory" and "recycling" mechanisms, it demands nucleotides from food sources especially in disease states, stress, tissue trauma, ageing, or periods of limited nutrient intake. Unfortunately, the modern diets contains very low amounts of nucleotides.

Nucleotides are added to most infant milk formulas to support the rapid cellular turnover in infant growth. In advanced recovery care and enteral nutrition, these are also added to patient food or drinks to minimise risk of infection and support advanced recovery especially after surgery.

For peak performance fuel your body with nucleotide nutrition that are key to making new cells


How to consume nucleotide food

Dilute 1 to 2 scoops of powder in water or juice, add to a smoothie, or sprinkle onto food.

Mixes well with protein shakes or green smoothies.

Children's dosage and additional servings as directed by medical professional or health practitioner, according to patient needs or stress levels.