Our products are temporarily unavailable to purchase. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. For order enquiries, please email info@celldetoxhub.com or leave a message on (03) 9028 2018. Thank you for your understanding.

How Can We Help?


Q: Do your products need a prescription?

A: Our nucleotide food supplements DO NOT require a prescription. They require guidance from a medical practitioner, dietitian, or pharmacist on how, when, or how much to consume. If you received advise by an allied health or complementary medicine practitioner to consume our nucleotide products, please scroll down for further information.

Our dietary nucleotides are special purpose medical foods (FSMP) for the dietary management of those with pyrimidine and purine deficiencies from the diet due to malabsorption issues, restricted diets (including vegan & vegetarian), or advanced ageing. 

Balanced levels of pyrimidines and purines are essential building blocks of DNA & RNA - components of cellular regeneration. In situations where there is advanced physiological stress or tissue trauma, poor immune function, or malabsorption, an exogenous source of nucleotides becomes conditionally essential.

Q: What is Food for Special Medical Purposes?

A: Food for special medical purposes (FSMP) are food products that are needed in the dietary management of certain conditions. Visit Food Standards Australia New Zealand - Schedule 2.9.5, for more information.

FSMP may help those with certain disorders, diseases, or medical conditions who cannot meet the nutritional requirements through their normal diet. FSMP are only available from medical practitioners, dieticians, pharmacists, and the distributor of the product. 

Qualified allied health and complementary medicine professionals may also advise these products as part of your nutrition plan. Always refer back to a medical professional for guidance especially if you are pregnant, taking any medication, or medical treatment, or have an autoimmune condition.


Q: Why do your products need a referral code before purchase?

A: A referral code from your health practitioner is now required to purchase our products. This code is used upon checkout. It confirms that you received professional advice prior to purchasing our products. This code gives you a welcome discount off your first purchase. 

If you do not have a referral code, please visit eMedical Online Compounding Pharmacy at www.emedical.com.au. Patients can order Nutri-tide®️NTdirectly from eMedical from first week of July 2020. To find out if Nutri-tide®️NT is right for you, if you are taking medication, have an autoimmune condition, or if you are pregnant, call their pharmacists at 1800 200 736.

Always read the ingredients list and precautions statements on our product pages. Our nucleotide food for special medical purposes (FSMP) are not meant to treat, prevent, or cure any disease.  Any advice you receive from Cellular Detox Hub is meant to complement that of your medical professional's advice - not to replace it.


Q: Are your products available at our local pharmacy (Australia)?

A: Nutri-tide®️NT will be available on the shelves of some pharmacies in Melbourne from the first week of July. A listing will be available on the website in the coming weeks. We believe in our products and aim to get this on the shelves of more pharmacies nationwide.

If you would like your local pharmacy to stock Nutri-tide®️NT, please advise them to call us at (03) 9028 2018 or email info@celldetoxhub.com.

We encourage you to place your order with eMedical Online Compounding Pharmacy at www.emedical.com.au from the 27th of June 2020 or call them at 1800 200 736 to make an enquiry with their qualified pharmacists. If you prefer not to shop online, you can place your order with them by phone, mail, email or fax. More details are available on https://www.emedical.com.au/how-to-shop/ 


Q: Why is nnnSport®️X-Cell not available to order elsewhere in Australia? I do not have a referral code - how can I order this?

A: We are working to get nnnSport®️X-Cell on the shelves of local pharmacies, as well as GP or dietitian clinics. As part of this process, it will be offered in new external packaging. Due to some logistical issues, there has been some delays. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

While nnnSport®️X-Cell is out of stock for patient orders, we recommend that you and your practitioner consider Nutri-tide®️NT in the interim.  Nutri-tide®️ is the main component for nucleotides / RNA in the nnnSport®️X-Cell formula.


Q:  I have a query / complaint. Whom should I contact?

A: If your query / complaint concerns a product you ordered from Cellular Detox Hub, please contact us by email at info@celldetoxhub.com stating the nature of your query / complaint. We aim to answer any email within 2 business days. 

Please note that we do not take spam calls or messages. If your concern is regarding your account, billing information, or shipment, please provide us with the order number and/or your full name and contact details. If you do not provide us with exact information, we may not be able to assist you. 


Q:  I have a question about your nucleotide FSMP (ingredients, scientific literature, test cases). Whom should I contact?

A: You may direct technical questions to us at info@celldetoxhub.com. Please indicate "TECHNICAL QUERY" in the subject of your email. If the subject matter is highly medical or biochemical in nature, we will forward your query to the manufacturer, Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd (UK). It may take awhile to receive feedback. You will be advised along the way.


Q:  In person, Nutri-tide®️NT is presented in external kraft packaging. Is this the same product on your website?  

A: Yes, the product has been repackaged in additional kraft packaging to allow bigger product labels that are easy to read. You will find your sealed Nutri-tide®️NT inside each kraft cylinder. The external packaging is recyclable and can be used to store both your nucleotide food product and the scoop that comes with it. The scoop is contained within the sealed product. 

If you are in Australia and order Nutri-tide®️NT from our website, from eMedical Online Compounding Pharmacy, or any of the local pharmacies soon to be listed on our website, you can rest assured that you have the correct product.


Q:  I'm very particular about taste. I do not like anything in my water. I do not drink fresh juice / green smoothies / protein drinks. How can I consume your dietary nucleotides? 

A: Nutri-tide®️NT is hardly noticeable when mixed into 200 ml of water. You will only know it's there because of some sediment formation at the bottom of your drink. This is natural due to the thickener in the product. 

You may try to add Nutri-tide®️NT to soup or sprinkle on to main dishes. Normal heat will not affect it. 

If this is still a concern, please enquire with eMedical Compounding Pharmacy to see if they can help. 


Q:  Do you recommend your products for cancer nutrition?

A:  We do not provide medical advise, and as such can only recommend that you speak to your medical practitioner, dietitian, or pharmacist to find out if adding dietary nucleotides to your diet will be good for you.

We do, however, caution against using our dietary nucleotides during prescribed immune-suppression - including chemotherapy.  This means, that should a medical practitioner, dietitian, or pharmacist recommend the consumption of our products, this should only be considered after chemotherapy or any immune-suppressant treatment.