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Phone: +61 435 935814 / +61 8 81217737                                   (UK) +44 117 2303770

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9-5pm ACST

By appointment: Level 1, 530 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000    Darwin Office: Level 1, 48-50 Smith St, Darwin NT 0800

Email: info@celldetoxhub.com






Q: Do your products need a prescription?

A: None of our products require a prescription. However, most of our ingestible products require professional advice by qualified practitioners with the exception of Nuzest foods.

Food for special medical purposes should be consumed under guidance of a medical professional or pharmacist to ensure that precautions and correct dosage are followed according to your needs. Depending on where you are, qualified health professionals may also advise these products as part of your nutrition plan. If you are uncertain, please contact our registered nutritionist for more information.



Q: Why do some of them need a referral code before purchase?

A: Your practitioner may share a discount code with you when you are referred to our website. This is a referral code. This code gives you a 20% welcome discount off your first purchase. It also confirms that you have received professional advice prior to purchasing our products. Always read the ingredients list and precautions statements on a product page. If you do not have a practitioner referral code, please contact our registered nutritionist to find out if our products are right for you. Any advice you receive from us is meant to complement that of your medical professional's advice - not to replace it.