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Nucleotide Nutrition

Ready to absorb nucleotide foods - the key ingredients for cellular regeneration and repair. Formulated for the dietary management of those with gut absorption and methylation related issues, those who need recovery support from post surgical trauma, and those who participate in high stress lifestyles and activities, including intense exercise. See products below for more information.

Modern western diets are low in nucleotide rich food sources. Typical sources are kidneys, liver, offal and breast milk. Since the 60s dietary nucleotides have been added to infant milk formula to help modulate the immune and gut function of babies and support their active need for cellular replication to grow and develop. Dietary nucleotides are also supplemented to enteral feeds of hospital patients to hasten post surgical recovery and reduce the incidence of cross infections.

Read Dr Robert Verkerk’s article on the fundamental nature of nucleotides on the ANH International

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nnnSPORT®X-Cell (Australia)
Buy nnnSport X-Cell nucleotide food supplement in Australia from Cellular Detox Hub. Registered with Informed Sport testing scheme for the serious athlete.

nnnSPORT®X-Cell (Australia)


Nutri-tide®NT (Australia)
Nutri Tide NT nucleotides in Australia

Nutri-tide®NT (Australia)

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