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benefits of nucleotides for immunity, gut repair, and advanced recovery

Benefits of Eating Nucleotides for Advanced Recovery, Gut and Immune Support

Today we discuss the benefits of eating nucleotides for advanced recovery, gut, and immune support. Dietary nucleotides support the body's natural healing in gut repair or advanced recovery from disease and stress.

What Are Nucleotides?

Nucleotides are micro nutrients that form the foundation of the body’s DNA. These are needed in cell division and essential to almost all biological processes, such as the production of proteins, enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, and body chemicals which are key to optimal health.

Unfortunately, when you’re not receiving adequate amounts of nucleotides, your body functions are not able to work at its best.

The human body can make nucleotides by taking and reusing components from old cells. Studies have shown that in certain conditions, the natural production of nucleotides isn’t enough for the body to fully harness the powerhouse that these micro nutrients can be. This is a relentless process and the demand increases during disease, stress and inflammation. In gut repair, nucleotide food sources become absolutely essential.

Benefits of Getting Nucleotide Foods Into Your Diet

In order to keep your body thriving, all of your cells need to be functioning correctly. Disease happens when they don’t. When tissues, cells or DNA need repair, nucleotides are the raw materials needed to facilitate rejuvenation or cellular regeneration. 

Studies prove that nucleotides have the ability to improve immune function by helping your body fight off infections and diseases by enhancing gut repair, modulation of gut bacteria, increasing the production of salivary IgA (your mouth’s natural immune defence), and regulating cortisol levels. 

As the the key ingredients in building DNA and RNA in all cells in the body, including the gut’s good bacteria, nucleotides from food help with a vast array of health concerns especially in building natural immunity. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Minimising the risk of infection in surgery 
  • Encouraging advanced recovery when the body is under stress
  • Supporting immune function
  • Supporting metabolism
  • Assisting in healthy ageing
  • Improving gut flora

Situations Where Nucleotide Food Sources are Beneficial

In conditions where there is an advanced need to build, repair or encourage the regeneration of cells, nucleotides for supplementation are particularly beneficial. This is especially true for developing infants, i.e. nucleotides are added to most infant milk formulas. It also applies for dietary management  in situations below:

  • Intestinal lining damage
  • Malnutrition 
  • Malabsorption
  • Reduced function in methylation pathways (such as in MTHFR gene and related issues)
  • Physiological Stress
  • Recovery from intense exercise 
  • Advanced Ageing
  • Tissue trauma (pre and post surgery)
  • Medically supervised post cancer therapies nutrition 

How to Get Nucleotides Into Your Diet

Nucleotides for supplementation may be recommended by your medical or health professional to help support certain conditions or symptoms through nutrition. These would be situations where getting nucleotide foods into your diet is absolutely essential but challenging.

The body needs a balanced amount of nucleotides from food in the form of pyrimidines and purines. 

Rich food sources of pyrimidines are found in raw and offal meats - liver and kidneys. These are typically not included in modern western diets, and missing in restricted diets including vegetarian and vegan diets. These foods happen to be the ones that many of us keep to the bare minimum, leaving many receiving scarce amounts. 

Purines can be found in animal and offal meats, lentils, beans, yeast and alcohol. However, for the body to utilise pyrimidine and purine nucleotides from food, these need to be broken down during digestion. A good amount of protease enzymes are needed to do so.

Unfortunately, in health conditions or symptoms mentioned above, the body is either unable to fully utilise nucleotides from food or does not get enough from food sources.

If you do not have dietary restrictions nor suffer from nutrient malabsorption issues, adding offal meats and raw fish (sashimi) to your daily diet is a good way to improve your nucleotide intake. Bone broths typically recommended in the GAPS diet also help. Ensuring that you have good digestive enzymes to break down nucleotides from food is essential.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, and have no issues with high histamine levels, you may consider adding more fermented foods into your diet. Legumes and cruciferous vegetables are a decent source of purines but not enough of pyrimidines.  

You can get sufficient amounts of balanced nucleotides into your diet each day with our ready to absorb nucleotide food powders. These contain pyrimidines and purines, needed in cellular replication and tissue repair. 

Nucleotide foods are essential to get into your diet every day, particularly in specific situations where cell renewal and tissue regeneration are imperative to health and recovery.

When nucleotide food sources are scarce or limited, such as in restricted diets (vegetarian, vegan), poor immunity, or disease states, our nucleotide foods give your body ready to absorb ingredients to support cellular regeneration. Listen to the latest podcast at Cellular Detox Hub to learn more about nucleotides. 

Professional advice from a registered health practitioner is recommended to ensure that you get the right amount for your body weight and needs.

Scientific and evidence-based references are available to support this article. Please contact info@celldetoxhub.com for details.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace medical treatment or advice. Dietary nucleotides are not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.