Our nucleotides FSMP are now available at select pharmacies in VIC and WA. If you are a health practitioner, dietitian, pharmacist, contact us for a practitioner or trade account. Click here for FAQs.

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Cellular Detox Hub is a seller of nucleotide foods for special medical purposes within the Australian market. Contact us for a practitioner or trade account.

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Our nucleotides are manufactured by an ISO 22000 certified company in Switzerland for Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd (UK). Click below to view our stockists.


Why nucleotides?

We believe in whole food nutrition and lifestyle medicine for healthy ageing. Sometimes, we need a bit of extra help from evidence-based products for the dietary management of certain conditions.

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What the experts are saying

Elizma Lambert, Naturopath, expert on O.A.T, nutrigenomics, and mitochondrial health

Elizma Lambert (Naturopath, Nutritionist, Lecturer)

International speaker and health practitioner, Elizma Lambert (aka "The OAT Whisperer") talks about testing for mitochondrial dysfunction, the importance of "connecting the dots" in chronic disease, and why dietary nucleotides are essential in gut repair.  

"Nucleotides are needed for cell health especially for healing leaky gut. It's tremendously important as gut cells are turning over 3 to 6 times a day..and you need nucleotides for that cellular regeneration to take place."

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Dr Peter Koeppel, PhD - Swiss biochemist & geneticist, one of the world's leading experts on dietary nucleotides research for human and animal nutrition

Dr Peter Koeppel, PhD (Biochemist and Geneticist)

For 25 years, Dr Köppel has led the research for nucleotide nutritional formulations pioneered in Switzerland. He is considered as one of the world’s foremost experts on nucleotides for preventative health. 

"There are only about 5-10% of nucleotides that can be absorbed from digested food. When there is increased stress or higher metabolic activities - in an immune reaction, disease, or infection - the need for nucleotides is drastically increased and can no longer be covered by the body’s own supply."


A Solution to Healthy Ageing

Nucleotides are building blocks of life. These are the key ingredients for cellular production - essential for DNA replication, cellular regeneration and making proteins in the body.


Brands that we support


Sheila Kristeen Brito, nutritionist of Cellular Detox Hub, dietary nucleotides supplements Australia

Sheila Kristeen Brito (Nutritionist)

Founder and director of Cellular Detox Hub. Melbourne-based nutritionist with special interests in nutrigenomics, gut health, and metabolic conditions. 

Dr Dean Alle, PhD. - Entrepreneur in Residence, Expert in Commercialisation, CEO of BioCifer

Dr. Dean Alle (Advisory Board)

Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) - Contract EiR and Federal Government EiR around Australia. Founder of TBH Accelerator aka The Execution Program. 

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Founder of Talking Nutrition - Canberra based nutritionist Bec Battika

Rebekah Battika (Advisory Board)

Canberra based Nutritionist and chef with special interests in fertility, weight loss, gut health, and mental health conditions.



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Great company - awesome products and customer service. Products were shipped quickly and all my questions answered too. Thank you!

Lyndi Leggett (NSW, Australia)

While preparing to kayak 350 km across the Bass Strait (for a good cause), I took some nucleotides to help with recovery during my training. Although I was sore, it was bearable. Normally  I would’ve come down with a cold... I was surprised that I was fine at the end. I put it down to taking nucleotides. 

Kirby Stocks (NT, Australia)

Highly recommend nucleotides. After a few days of taking it, my recovery has improved so much that I was able to throw in an extra training day. Seems to help quite well with soreness and fatigue management. Highly recommended!

Kev Torres (NSW, Australia)